Magni CRM

Magni is a purpose built CRM for Pebble. It is a Django based CRM which houses the most correct data on customers, ex-customers and includes every school in the United Kingdom.

The basis for this came out of the need for a system which could handle the way Pebble works. The previous system, Zoho CRM, did not provide enough options and therefore could not provide the results requested.

The CRM includes a dashboard system which allows the display of reports, of which are updated automatically every morning.

The reports are created using a simplified query builder, which produces “SQL” in a safe subset I created in order to prevent anything unwanted accessing the database, and then to the Django ORM in order to actually fetch the data.

A field system is in place which allows “custom fields” and simplified access across the different tables where the data lives.

The system is built on top of Bootstrap CSS, however I have added a lot of custom elements including the navigation bar, login screen and floating elements including a custom format for dialogs which are put to the side of the screen.