Joinos for Parents

Joinos is a system for parents to pay for items, and receive messages from their children’s school. It connects to various different payment gateways and uses Amazon SQS in order to send and receive data from the main system.

The first bit of work I did for the system was implementing a meal plan chooser feature which was contracted by the largest client using the platform.

The feature included notifying parents of a meal plan to be chosen, and then allowing them to choose the meal plan for their child for a 3 week rolling basis. These choices would be logged in after a certain amount of time, after which would become read-only.

The next bit of work involved reworking major parts of the system to be more adaptable. This included converting the
system to a true single-page-app and enabling the balances to be updated as soon as a payment was taken and provide a much more comprehensive way of displaying the meals taken.

Finally a new payment gateway was chosen by the business and we worked with them in order to ensure the user experience for the parent was consistent and worked on an iPhone 4 (the most common device) without flaws.

Once the payment had completed, I had decided to take design cues from the Government Digital Service for the success pages which clearly reminded the user of exactly what they just did. Cues were also added to wizards with the “Step 1 of 3” on the payment process.