DesignXpress is a large format printers in the North East of England with a customized printer website. As part of a new website for their company we streamlined and improved the ordering process for customers. The existing website was unreliable and DesignXpress were chasing clients manually for client’s artwork.

We have just had our first order through the website.
They have just rang me to say that the whole ordering process from start to finish was so simple and easy to use.

Feedback from client

The new site is built using WooCommerce with a bunch of additional customizations. To start to with the shop layout has been customized to show products in a modern card style layout.

Product Category Page

Individual Product Page

A lot of the work was carried out on the individual product page. Each product has a fairly complex pricing system whereby the price per quantity decreases as the total quantity increases. There is also a bunch of different sizes and finishing options, all of which need to be accounted for to produce a price. Not only this, the options also need to be carried through the basket, checkout and order management. This allows the DesignXpress staff to understand what was requested.

Another part is the file upload for artwork. Customers can choose to attach their artwork to the basket using the upload controls. Achieved through a custom integration with AJAX functions along with order management, the files upload off-site in a S3 compatible storage provider. This means the webserver does not need to worry about storing large files, and the security around hosting user files. We also take advantage of the bucket being set to private by default, and allowing access from the admin panel on a user by user basis.

Single Product Page showing the pricing options and upload section

Also on the single page you can find a list of templates and other documentation for submitting artwork for the product. These come from multiple different parts of the website to enable easy management of the files. One level comes from a global site level options page and include the top level file type information. The next level is at a category level which means all types of board signs can have the same further information. Finally, each individual product can have it’s own documents for anything more specific.

Does your large format printer website need additional custom functionality to streamline both your customers and yourselves business processes? Get in touch to see what we can do.